Online Mapping Applications

Online Mapping is a highly interactive, multi-purpose viewer with the most popular layers.

Online Mapping

Fast and easy. The Parcel Viewer provides a wealth of parcel info and imagery.

Parcel Viewer

Charting racial demographics in Eaton County with an interactive web application.


The Hydrology Viewer is home to our online hydrography and hydrogeology related datasets.

Hydrology Viewer

The Elevation Profile interactive map provides the ability to visualize the lay of the land.

Elevation Profile

Tax-Trac charts tax delinquency, foreiture and foreclosure over the past several years.


Web map that helps you to create mailing labels or a spreadsheet for a defined area.

Mailing Labels

Interactive map featuring recycling center locations within Eaton County, Michigan.


Interactive map of the geology and hydrogeology of Eaton County, Michigan.


Eaton County weather map with NEXRAD radar and extreme weather bulletins.


New Parks and Rec. Web Map!

There are many parks and other recreation opportunities in Eaton County. This location-aware web map will help you find them.