Welcome to Eaton County GIS.

Understanding the needs and achieving the goals of a community, county, state or nation requires one essential thing: information - Accurate, accessible, timely, clear, information. That’s what Eaton County’s Enterprise Geographic Information System (ECGIS) is all about. ECGIS is constantly evolving and is one of the most important business tools available to county departments and citizens. Our interactive web maps provide easy-to-use portals to a wealth of information that would otherwise be difficult to access and visualize. The flexible web mapping applications on this page will allow you to delve into the majority of Eaton County's geospatial datasets on any kind of device (Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows). Happy exploring!


Online Mapping Applications

Online Mapping is a highly interactive, multi-purpose viewer with the most popular layers.

Fast and easy. The Parcel Viewer provides a wealth of parcel info and imagery.

Charting census demographics in Eaton County with an interactive web application.

The Hydrology Viewer is home to our online hydrography and hydrogeology related datasets.

The Elevation Profile interactive map provides the ability to visualize the lay of the land.

Tax-Trax charts tax delinquency, foreiture and foreclosure over the past several years.

Web map that depicts the various FEMA flood risk areas in Eaton County, Michigan.

Interactive map featuring recycling center locations and links to recycling information.

Interactive map with the geologic and parcels' soil data for Eaton County.

Find fresh produce and artisan crafts at a farmers market in Eaton County.

You can easily find parks and recreation opportunities with this map.

This app shows the dispatch order of emergency aid for a given location.